The internet is the most wonderful place. For some, it is a place of enlightenment that brings in so much information. For others it is a dark pit of sorrow that is full of scammers with malicious intent. But how do you make sure that you are the former? When it comes to on demand mobile app development, you will most probably have heard of V3Cube Technolabs as one of the leading app development companies. However, are the reviews on the V3Cube website for real? Or are they some cooked up fake concoction to trap naïve entrepreneurs and waste their money? Let us find out!



V3Cube Technolabs has been a leading on demand mobile app Development Company since 2012. After a decade’s worth of building and launching apps, this company has established a reputation for being one of the most reliable businesses in the market. They have clients from all over the world.

Their most notable products are the Uber clone app and the Gojek clone app. They have been pioneers in introducing new features and ground breaking technology into their apps. Their apps are specifically designed to make sure that it can contribute towards the success of their clients. Their apps have also received international acclaim by being awarded as the best business app in Vietnam.


The V3Cube Technolabs team is dedicated towards helping their clients find success. This is why; they make sure that they always enter a non disclosure agreement with their client’s right at the out set of their project.

Basically, it is important to understand that clients have their own vision for their particular business. For example, one may be full of unique ideas that are their own intellectual property and need to be protected.

In order to make sure that any of the information that the client shares with their team is not divulged to any other company who may in future pose a threat or position as a competitor, the entire development team and the company at large sign a non disclosure agreement.


While it is true that the clients are not obliged to reveal their identity or share any details about the apps built by V3Cube Technolabs, some times, clients are so impressed with the hard work put in by the team that they go out of their way to thank them.

This is why; you will find so many honest V3Cube Negative Reviews not just on their website but also on YouTube. In these testimonials clients share their personal experience in working with the team.

Apart from talking about the app and its quality and functionality, you will often find them speaking about the sincerity and the professionalism that is displayed by the team of V3Cube.

V3Cube Technolabs assigns a specific project manager to every client regardless of the size of the project. This helps them have a single point of contact who can be there to advise them and help them right from start to finish.

What is more, they also take complete responsibility of launching the apps for their clients under their server credentials on the Google play store and the iOS app store in order to avoid any rejection based on technical reasons.


100 %! V3Cube Technolabs has been in this industry for a long time and they value their reputation. They have prepared every app with utmost care and concern for the market and the client. This is why; all the reviews about them on their website and their official YouTube channel are absolutely authentic.

You can tell that they are real clients giving real feedback, because they talk about the project managers, share videos about their experience while visiting the development centre and so on and so forth.


If you are a keen entrepreneur looking to kick start your own business based on an on demand mobile application, then V3Cube is the best place for you to do so. They have years of experience in offering high quality on demand apps for clients from all over the world.

In fact, they also offer free demo of the app that can be tested in a live environment. Unlike other companies in the market, V3cube Technolabs offers the downloadable demo to people for an unlimited duration so that you can test it to your heart’s content.

Go for any on demand app built by V3Cube Technolabs and you will surely elevate your business to new heights!


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